Pallet Mesh (Special Type)

PM Series

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturer with in-depth technical know-how and vast manufacturing experience and expertise. Our products all pass our stringent product safety requiremets and we strive to excel in every product we manufacture lead us to where we are today.

All SUMO pallet mesh, pallet cages, wire cages are produced by advanced auto-welding machines enabling us to have large-scale production in meeting all kinds of project or to customise according to your requirements.

Model Capacity (kg) Stackability (layers) External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Mesh (mm) Legs Height (mm) Net Weight (kg)
Width Length Height Height Wire Diameter Pitch
SUMO 6C 1000 4 980
1100 (44") 955 (38") 6.0 60 x 60 100 (4") 55
SUMO 6WL 1000 4 990
975 (38") 6.0, 11.0 50 x 100 125 (5") 63
SUMO 7HC 1000 4

1000 (40")

1200 (48") 900 (36") 750 (30") 6.0, 11.0  50 x 100 100 (4") 55

SUMO 7HC and SUMO 6WL robust wire formed pallet mesh that designed to optimise space and provide flexible storage solutions within warehouse, retail, transport and logistics environments. Goods are stored safely without being damaged. They are perfect for heavy duty applications, with a design which allows the containers to fold completely flat when not in use or for transportation purpose. The ability to stack up to 4 cages high allows you to significantly increase and maximise your storage space.

SUMO 6C is unique in its pitch size and non-standard dimensions.

When choosing which of these models to purchase, the main consideration will be the design of the legs if compatible with your existing units or the leg design is your choice of preference if you are a new user.

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SUMO 6C Folding Steps

SUMO 6WL Folding Steps

  • Provides a versatile storage system with complete visibilty of stock
  • Multi purpose applications
  • Low cost handling efficiences remarkably space-saving
  • Other sizes, capacities and features available on request
  • Options available include dividers, shelves and security lids
  • Bright, zinc mesh panels and hot-dip galvanised base as standard, epoxy coating are available as an option
  • Materials & specifications are subject to change without prior notice

SUMO Pallet Mesh Distinctive Features
  • Additional welded rods for superior stacking capability
  • Robust wire rods electrowelded 
  • Base frame fully welded at all points to base wire mesh
  • Fully robot welded legs 
  • Good precision by advanced auto welding machine
  • Produced by ISO 9001: 2015 certified company which uses ABB MIG Robotic welding line
  • Custom made (according to engineering specifications) is available